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You think tax rates are bad in Australia?

Following the highest court in France upholding a 75% tax rate for incomes over €1 million, I started to look at whether I should start consulting in French… Un bagette merci… First, the 75% tax rate is payable where a … Continue reading

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Government operating at its best

After answering six months of letters to a Minister in the last government this is exactly what you come across every day…

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The middle class welfare myth

Solve all our economic problems by cutting middle class welfare! Anyone who says this has never thought any more about this than whether the slogan sounds good… The Facts When people speak of middle class welfare, if they have any … Continue reading

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What a great use of the Court’s time…

After the AAT and the Federal Court had a go, in November the High Court, the best jurisprudential minds, with combined experience of over a century, had a really useful challenge. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal Court both … Continue reading

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Luxury cars and hire purchase

Most luxury cars are financed in some way or another – although a car salesman friend of mine says a man wanted to buy his $80,000 BMW with cash, real notes. Maybe the car was still financed in some way … Continue reading

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Is Australia a high or a low taxed country?

High or low is a relative measure. So if we compare ourselves to the Saudis we are a high taxed country but if we compare ourselves to the scandinavians we are in easy street. The economist tell me we should … Continue reading

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Asset allocation in an SMSF

I spend a lot of time with financial planners – normally at conferences where planners often have a cleansing ale or seven… And they always ask what I am investing in personally.Why do they think a tax nerd knows anything … Continue reading

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