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The ATO has to be joking…

The next time the ATO complains about your client’s attention to detail remind of The Study and Prevention of Psychological Diseases Foundation Incorporated. Back in 2007 a group of guys wanted to live the high life – sports cars, gambling,… But due to the tax rates they did not have enough money. So they duped […]


Wooster, SMSF and death

As a new type of family becomes more prevalent, the “blended” family according to our verbally challenged opposition leader, issues like Wooster are going to become more relevant. In this case a husband passed away. His wife expected almost $1 million from his SMSF but he had a BDBN in favour of his daughters of […]

Funny Stuff

Excuses, excuses…

Need an excuse for being later with your tax return. I the UK you need a good one as they reject all the following… My pet goldfish died; I had a run-in with a cow After seeing a volcanic eruption on the news, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else My wife won’t give me my […]