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Some people will find a way to complain…

This is a very good parable about how individual tax cuts will always have some people complaining… Every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill comes to $100. They pay their bill the way progressive taxes work. … Continue reading

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FBT and Canberra Airport – my vicarious victory

Many years ago I prepared to take the ATO to the AAT for a large entity on whether the car park at Canberra airport was a commercial car parking station. If it was, FBT was payable when employers provided parking … Continue reading

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Stop saying the rich should pay more tax, just do it

I am over rich people talking about that the rich should pay more taxes. Its not that I don’t think it is a good or bad idea (I recommended it in my pre budget ideas) but before they start telling … Continue reading

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Budget 2014/15 – Tax and Super announcements

Yes… I got it wrong… The first Budget of the current government is pretty much as expected on a tax and superannuation front. The big news, which we already knew about, is that the Government will introduce a three-year levy, called the Temporary Budget Repair Levy from … Continue reading

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Budget lotto

Having worked as a lobbyist for the Institute of Chartered Accountants (the exact title was a tax specialist) and in the office of the Assistant Treasurer under the previous Government, I am supposed to have my inside information on what … Continue reading

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Thin capitalisation is a thing of the past… For most

Thin capitalisation is one of those thing many of us learned to pass a tax exam, and have never thought of again. In summary (a very, very quick summary) if you decide to fund your Australian operation with lots of … Continue reading

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Iphone your tax returns…

If you have always want to lodge your tax return through a smartphone, tablet or computer using their web browser you only have to wait till 1 July. From 1 July, the new “MyTax” website will allow certain taxpayers to … Continue reading

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