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A great reminder with related party transactions

Section 82KK of the ITAA36 is one of those section that I knew existed once but have not thought about for years. This section applies where there is a timing mismatch in payments to associates so that income is recognised in a later year than the matching deduction. When this section applies the deduction is […]

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A withholding tax nightmare starts in 2016…

As we have looked at before, the previous government announced it was going to introduce a new non-resident withholding tax. This would apply where a taxpayer buys certain CGT assets from non-residents. Unfortunately, late last year the current government confirmed they were going to continue with this announcement. And now they have released a discussion […]


“Buy our properties in an SMSF”

Very interesting… In a Media Release, ASIC has announced that it has commenced proceedings to prevent a property investment promoter from promoting the use of Self Managed Super Funds to purchase investment properties. ASIC claims to have evidence of where this entity has given advice to set up an SMSF to hold the rental property to over 500 people… […]

GST Rulings

Gloxina GST idea is now 110% dead…

Following the 2010 Gloxina case I have had a lot of people tell me they have a great way to avoid developers having to charge GST on the new residential premises they build. You have heard the same line… Well can I just say it is now 110% dead. You would think that the Government […]

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The end of tax policy?

Bill Shorten today said what is probably the worst tax policy statement I have ever heard… “If Tony Abbott wants to increase taxes – be it petrol, be it GST – he should take it to an election,”… If this becomes the political norm then revenue/taxation policy discussions can only occur once every three years, […]