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A “fairness” tax?

In Belgium they have a tax called a “fairness tax”. It is a 5.5% tax on dividends paid by certain companies – on top of corporate taxes paid. Interestingly it is so “fair” that it is likely to be struck … Continue reading

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Uniting Church replacing the Australian Taxation Office

I have never thought that the Uniting Church would be competing with the Australian Taxation Office but now they are… The Uniting Church has reportedly revealed it targeted international mining giant Glencore International with a private investigator to highlight the … Continue reading

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Is there massive corporate tax avoidance?

Following the most stupid report ever written by the Tax Justice Network, the parliament has decided to review our corporate tax system. Having worked for some of these “evil” ASX listed companies, both internally and externally, I have never seen … Continue reading

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Part IVA and the Small Business CGT Concessions

I have been fearing this day for some time. A day when the Commissioner applies the general anti avoidance provision in Part IVA to a taxpayer who arranges a sale of a business to make the most of the Small … Continue reading

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