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Unfortunate facts for those who want more tax from multinationals

I once worked for one of these multinationals. It was a US Company with a direct investment in Australia. The US company charged the Australian subsidiary management fees for head office costs, legal, finance… We were subject to a transfer pricing … Continue reading

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The Commissioner believes in drinking in moderation?

In Taxation Determination TD 2015/9 the Commissioner provides amounts that he will accept as estimates of the value of goods taken from trading stock for private use by taxpayers in named industries. This helps certain businesses estimate what trading stock has been … Continue reading

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Do you have clients who want their money now? “I wont live long enough to get my super!” They want the whole 100% in their hand, not just 91.53% ($91.53 + (9.25% of $91.53) = $100)… Well maybe you can … Continue reading

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Earnouts – the wait is over

A long, long time ago in a Tax Office far, far away… After waiting 6 and a half years the Treasury has finally drafted some legislation to fix up how capital gains tax concessions apply to earnouts. But just a … Continue reading

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How would I change negative gearing?

Simply I wouldn’t.  But having worked in an office at Parliament House and in the Federal Treasury, sometimes you have to do things you don’t agree with. And it looks like someone is going to be told yo do this  … Continue reading

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Tax announcement everywhere…

I hope Chris Bowen is Prime Minister one day. Yes big call but he is measured and thoughtful and never ever in a rush. And he has now released a super tax policy. It is a good start… For those … Continue reading

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The Greens have a tax policy!!!

In the history of the Greens has there ever been a day they have made two tax announcements? Mark down 21 April. First, they have plans for small business tax. They are proposing: A 2% tax cut for small businesses … Continue reading

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