About Taxrambling, Tax Writing and Tax Training

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Spending my days talking and writing about tax as a trainer and author, I thought it might be worth writing some of my crazy tax thoughts that I am often not allowed to express in my sessions or the products I write… And here they are (are Blogs public??? Whoops)…

I hope this blog raises awareness of taxation policy and administration and, through this blog and the submissions that I make to the government on these issues, I can encourage the Government to implement appropriate tax changes (so I have not been to successful recently!)

Writing and Presenting…

I love (and fund my tax policy hobby by) conducting taxation and superannuation seminars and write taxation and superannuation training materials for a series of professional associations, advice providers and training organisations.

If you would like me to help your organisation provide clear, engaging and just good fun tax and superannuation products and training, I am always happy to help.

Here are my Tax Training Rules if you want to understand my philosophy on tax training.

Contact me…

If you want to say hello by email, my name is Ken then an @ and the name of this website (with a .com of course but no .au)…

And for the real tax nerds look at the sign behind me…


Below is the most amazing screen I have ever seen and I had to stand in front of it to give the talk so I could not see myself… where else but Shanghai would they have a screen this big…

photo 2

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