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Hi, I’m Ken. Being a stay at home Dad to two amazing boys and one awesome wife is wonderful, but it does keep me away from my fourth love – TAX. So here I write on what is happening in tax that exits me, and hopefully it will excite you as well…

Electric Vehicles exemption from FBT – even if salary packaged

The new Government has introduced a Bill that states that employers are exempt from FBT for car fringe benefits involving cars that are eligible zero or low emissions vehicles made available to employees. To be eligible for the exemption the value of the car at the first retail sale must be below the luxury car […]

Crypto not taxed as foreign currency

We just got our first tax announcement from the new Labor Government. The Treasurer, in a media release, stated that crypto currencies will continue to be excluded from foreign currency tax arrangements under this Government and capital gains tax will continue to apply to crypto assets that are held as investments. This treatment will be […]

NSW stamp duty v new “annual land tax”

We are going to get asked the question so we need a spreadsheet. But of course to do the calculation we need to know the purchase price (to work out the stamp duty), whether it is an owner occupier (higher land tax rates for investment properties), the Unimproved Land Value (ULV), the estimated percentage growth […]

Trust distributions and 100A – A minor update

As the Commissioner could not get his section 100A rulings ready by 30 June, he has instead put out a very short summary of what we can and can’t do for this 30 June… According to this short document, what can we definitely do and be sure the Commissioner wont apply section 100A? What does […]


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