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Luxury Cars and Hire Purchases

We now have a final ruling that is exactly like the draft – LCTD 2014/1 – so have a read about the draft Advertisements

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Clearing the Tax and Super Decks

Apart from the changes in the Mining Tax and Carbon Tax repeal bills (small business instant asset write off, carry back losses…), and the promise to remove the means testing of the private health insurance offset, the government only has … Continue reading

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Let us have a moment of silence for the GST advisors…

Since the introduction of the GST they (GST Advisors) have always been looking for a way to recover GST paid incorrectly. And the Holy Grail of this advice has always been how can we turn a supply of new residential … Continue reading

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Luxury cars and hire purchase

Most luxury cars are financed in some way or another – although a car salesman friend of mine says a man wanted to buy his $80,000 BMW with cash, real notes. Maybe the car was still financed in some way … Continue reading

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Another Federal Court versus High Court GST battle in the making…

Once again the Federal Court has found a new way to look at the most fundamental definition in the GST Act – a “supply”. In the MBI Case the Federal Court found that Division 135 did not apply. Division 135 … Continue reading

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