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The negative gearing myth exposed

If we stopped negative gearing on 1 July 2015 it would reduce the budget deficits across the next four years by $2.94 billion. Sounds amazing… The budget deficits over the next four years are well over $80 billion combined! Can … Continue reading

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Do you have clients who want their money now? “I wont live long enough to get my super!” They want the whole 100% in their hand, not just 91.53% ($91.53 + (9.25% of $91.53) = $100)… Well maybe you can … Continue reading

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Part IVA and the Small Business CGT Concessions

I have been fearing this day for some time. A day when the Commissioner applies the general anti avoidance provision in Part IVA to a taxpayer who arranges a sale of a business to make the most of the Small … Continue reading

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Start up Employee share scheme just got fun….

We have blogged about this before but we now have some draft legislation that will make 1 July 2015 lots of fun for advice to start up companies. While this draft legislation makes other changes as well**, this will also … Continue reading

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The End of Excess Contributions Tax Mark 2

In the Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2014 Measures No 7) Bill 2014 we finally get the final rules that will allow the refund of excess non-concessional contributions. We have discussed this change when it was released as draft legislation. But the final legislation … Continue reading

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A great reminder with related party transactions

Section 82KK of the ITAA36 is one of those section that I knew existed once but have not thought about for years. This section applies where there is a timing mismatch in payments to associates so that income is recognised … Continue reading

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FBT and Public Hospitals

FBT exemptions are amazing ways to reward employees. And one of the most used FBT exemptions relates to employees of public hospital. These employees can receive up to $17,000 worth of grossed up benefits. What does grossed up mean? That … Continue reading

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