FBT and Canberra Airport – my vicarious victory

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Many years ago I prepared to take the ATO to the AAT for a large entity on whether the car park at Canberra airport was a commercial car parking station. If it was, FBT was payable when employers provided parking at the airport for employees.

The definition of commercial car parking station states that the car park must be open to the public. The terms of parking at Canberra Airport are you must be a passenger or a “meeter or greeter”. I was ready to argue this was not the public, when the Commissioner conceded the case less than a week before the hearing.

I was happy with the outcome, the large refund for my client, and the lunch that the owner of the airport took me on… But… I wanted to argue my case. I wanted a judgement not a concession letter.

It might be a few years after my little victory but the same argument I ran just won the day again… But this time there is a judgement – See (Qantas v Commissioner of Taxation ).

I am going to claim that Qantas found out my little argument from the private ruling I put together or from the wonderful guys at Canberra Airport Group and claim a little piece of this victory.

By the way, do you think every airport will now change the conditions of its parking stations???

Please appeal the case Commissioner as I want another win!


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