The end of tax policy?

Bill Shorten today said what is probably the worst tax policy statement I have ever heard…

“If Tony Abbott wants to increase taxes – be it petrol, be it GST – he should take it to an election,”…

If this becomes the political norm then revenue/taxation policy discussions can only occur once every three years, at election time, and in the year when politicians are least likely to make brave decisions – like raising tax…

The three year election cycle has always been (other than Whitlam and Rudd), first year implement election promises (goodies for voting for me), second year implement good adult policies (the medicine we need but would never take) and the third year start announcing the goodies for the next election. It appears Bill Shorten is just going to live in year one and year three.

And of course no Labor government increased taxes without taking it to an election (increase in medicare levy, div 293 increases in super contributions tax, carbon tax…).

Please tell me we have not got to this point in the political spin where we can never politically raise taxes…


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