Queensland. Beautiful one day, tax insanity the next…

The Queensland government raises about $44 billion a year in taxes, fees…

About 20% of this amount comes from the GST that is collected by the Federal Government and passed on to the states and territories.

This makes the GST almost as large as all the other taxes combined that the Queensland government charges (all those taxes together come to about 24% of all the revenue).

And the GST is almost as large as all other grants the Federal Government makes to Queensland (about 28% of all Queensland government revenue).

So the GST is by far the most important single revenue item for the Queensland government…

And the Queensland opposition leader can’t even quote the rate is 10%.

She knows exactly how she wants to spend the revenue but has no interest on how the revenue is collected…

But before I laugh at Queensland politicians I need to remember that my local Canberra representative thought that the government paid for the superannuation increases for workers…

Where do they find these people?

UPDATE: And we now have a Premier who can’t quote the GST rate…


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