$250 self education deduction reduction going

Finally we have a Bill that proposes to remove the $250 non-deductible threshold for work-related self-education expenses.

The $250 non-deductible threshold for self-education was introduced way back 1975 alongside a concessional tax rebate for expenditure on self-education. When the concessional rebate was repealed in 1985 the forgot to repeal the $250 non-deductible threshold. So 36 years after they made a mistake, the Government have decided to fix it… and it was such a hard fix…

Of course, no one has reduced their deductions by $250 for probably 20 years…

By Ken Mansell

As a stay at home Dad most of the week this is my way of pretending I am still the tax counsel of ASX and SEC listed companies, working at big 4 firms, working at the Federal Treasury, on the Henry Review and at Parliament House for the previous government.

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